Regular issue

IT-SVET - Regular issue catalog
IT-SVET - Regular issue catalog
IT-SVET - Regular issue catalog

IT-SVET is a Slovenian B2B company that specializes in providing hardware, software, and network equipment. Catalog is published every two months and contains current offer of the company. We are responsible for the preparation as well as graphical design and page breaking of catalogs. Since 2013, we have created more than 12 catalogs.

Catalogs are divided into sections containing various brands (HP, Lenovo, IBM, Asus, Samsung, Microsoft, etc.). The main objective is to keep consistent design thought the whole catalog as well as to design each section in a style characteristic for the product itself.

  • brand: IT-SVET
  • work tasks:
    • art direction
    • image retouching
    • image preparation
    • Graphic design
    • Page layout
    • Print preparation
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